Useful Resources

There are so many cool resources out there that I’ve used to learn about various aspects of the game and how the NBA works. It’s only fair that I share some of my favorites with you.



  • Basketball-Reference: The holy grail of NBA stats. The historical data here is awesome, and the search tools allow you to find all kinds of weird statistical oddities and trends. I think this is my second-favorite site on the Internet behind Google.
  • The official NBA stats page gives you access to lineup data, on/off metrics, play-type stats, SportVU numbers, hustle stats and a whole lot more.
  • NBAwowy!: An awesome site that lets you find statistics depending on who is on or off the court (e.g. how good is the Cavaliers offense with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on the court but LeBron James off the court?). [UPDATE: NBAwowy may not be long for this world as the creators don’t have the time/money to keep it going.]
  • NBA PBP Stats: This is new so I haven’t played around with it too much, but it seems like the heir to the NBAwowy throne.
  • Swish 2.0: I don’t know who Austin Clemens is, but thank you Austin for this awesome tool. You can bring up player or team shot charts dating back to the 2001-02 season.
  • Inpredictable: This site has a range of interesting stats/charts, including win probability graphs, a stat that estimates a specific player’s win probability added, and some interesting team-level per-possession stats (e.g. how many points per possession do the Warriors score after forcing a turnover?).


CBA and Salary Information

  • Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ: Larry Coon is the CBA Godfather, and his CBA FAQ is always my first stop if I have a question about league rules. This link is for the previous CBA, but I’m assuming he’ll release a newer version some time over the summer.
  • Keith Smith’s NBA Salary Sheet: This is the best source I’ve found for detailed salary information. There is SO much information here on a team and player level. The best part about it for me is that it’s in a Google Sheet, making it much easier to copy into Excel and play around with than some of the other salary information sites.
  • Spotrac and Basketball Insiders: Two options for salary information and details on player contracts in addition to Keith Smith’s Google Sheet.
  • RealGM’s Draft Pick Obligations: Your one-stop shop to find out which picks have been traded where and the details on pick protections.
  • RealGM’s Trade Checker: Everyone knows about the ESPN Trade Machine, but the RealGM version gives you more information on the CBA intricacies of that amazing fake trade you came up with.


  • 3Ball: A neat site that allows you to search a player or a type of play (e.g. assist, turnover, steal, etc.) and returns clips of that plays matching your search terms (e.g. search LeBron James assist to see clips of all of James’ assists this season).
  • BBallBreakdown: Tremendous site/YouTube channel with video breakdowns of games, trends and topics.
  • DraftExpress: If you want to learn about draft prospects, come here first. Videos include interviews with prospects and FANTASTIC strengths/weaknesses breakdowns of all the prospects.
  • Half Court Hoops and Zak Boisvert: A ton of film breakdowns of specific sets, actions and playbooks.

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